Atomic X is utilizing machine learning to develop the most advanced chatbot on the market, By combining complex chatbot automation with a traditional live-chat systems, companies can scale their needs with custom tailored requirements.

At Atomic X, we believe that personalized, intuitive customer communication can, and will be automated. We strive to create the most easy to use, welcoming chat experiences in the market. Whether its customer service or persuasive sales and marketing, instant conversational interactions deliver an unmatched user experience. Gone are the days of call-center wait times, and next-day email responses. If you’re running your own small business, or part of a large enterprise – Rufus brings your unique brand and values to your customers, immediately.

Markets, technologies, and people are changing faster than ever. We help companies of any size unlock the opportunity and navigate the strategic challenges around chatbot customization and automation. Today’s live chat experiences can be tedious and expensive, Rufus fills that gap and engages your customers in meaningful ways. Let’s remove the bottlenecks between your customers, and the information or support they’re looking for. Waiting is a thing of the past.

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We’re hard at work getting ready to launch our first product: Rufus™, an engaging, fast-learning Chatbot that will revolutionize the way products and services are sold online. Based on a proprietary blend of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and human-curated language sets, Rufus blurs the lines between person and machine.

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