Based in Toronto, with a highly skilled team of AI Strategists, Computer Engineers, Data Scientists and UX Specialists, Atomic X offers AI consulting and custom development. We are uniquely positioned to help your organization gain an executive level understanding of how and when AI will impact your industry.

Management Team

Dan Cummins

Chief Executive Officer

Dan has been developing online initiatives since 1999. As an entrepreneur and Internet strategist, Dan has pioneered a variety of Internet applications and methodologies that have been utilized by hundreds of organizations across the globe. For the past 15 years, Dan has been the CEO of Atomic Motion where he’s fostered the company’s growth into a leading-edge new media company with a client list that includes some of the largest and most respected organizations in North America.
Prior to Atomic Motion, Dan started his first Internet company which he took public on the TSXV in 2000. As CEO, Dan spent two years growing the company which specialized in the development of Online Communities. Prior to this, Dan spent two years working with Southam (Canada’s largest newspaper publisher) where he helped launch their local portal initiatives. 

Dan is a graduate from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Communications.

Kyle Smendziuk

Chief Operating Officer

As an expert in conversion psychology and persuasive architecture, Kyle has been pioneering the application of machine learning in a practical setting for more than 5 years. With 10 years of digital experience under his belt as CEO of WebMarketers, he has led the charge resulting in a 70% year-over-year growth since inception.

As a career entrepreneur, Kyle has founded 7 companies and is also a founder and board member of Athletes Combating Racism (, an organization that provides mentorship, tutoring, and access to technology for underprivileged youth.

Kyle is a graduate of Carleton University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He’s also an alumni of the Carleton basketball team where he won 4 national championships.

Eric Moller

Chief Technology Officer

Eric has been working in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence since 2015. With a passion for training neural networks, Eric’s core responsibility as CTO of Atomic X is to oversee the development of its core product – RufusTM

Prior to Atomic X, Eric worked for a New York based consulting firm where he managed complex projects around the world, and launched multiple initiatives in workflow automation. Eric played a pivotal role in organizing and executing world-wide training rollouts for companies such as SAP, Microsoft and Autodesk, to name a few.

Eric graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Engineering Physics, and was a recipient of multiple scholarships and awards throughout his academic career.

Mike Gagnon

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Mike brings over 10 years of financial insight working within the technology field. Prior to Atomic X, Mike was the Comptroller for Shopify for 7 years. While working at Shopify, Mike helped lead them through 2 private financing rounds for $15 Million and $100 Million respectively, as well as their wildly successful IPO in 2015. During his time at Shopify, Mike gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight into the inner-workings of early and late-stage venture capital financing.

Prior to Shopify, Mike was the Accounting Manager for Protus where he helped them grow through their $213 million acquisition.

Mike is a graduate of Western University with a degree in Administrative and Commercial Studies.

Jamie Herring

Director of Strategy

Jamie brings over 10 years of experience transforming big data into actionable insights for clients which include the World Bank, NASA, the US Department of Commerce, NOAA and the United Nations. In 2013 Jamie spent 3 years working at the White House where he consulted to the Executive Office of the President.

Jamie founded Habitat Seven, a leader in the field of environmental data visualization. He possesses a rich understanding of the overlap between user experience and information science, which he uses to provoke insights and engagement.

Jamie holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University in Information Sciences and Natural Resources.

Alex Grenier

Chief Engineer

Alexandre has been coding since 2011. He quickly grew into the lead developer role at Atomic Motion before moving to Atomic X. Now he’s using his knowledge and expertise in full-stack development to quickly build out Atomic X’s platform and products.

Prior to Atomic X, Alexandre helped Atomic Motion bring some of the most cutting edge designs and experiences to life. With a passion for the web, he’s always looking to tackle new challengers and help make the web a better place for everyone.

Alexandre studied Political Science at the University of Ottawa, before moving to Computer Engineering.

Goran Mraovic

Director of UX Design

Goran brings his intimate knowledge of user experience and design to guide the UI division of Atomic X. As the lead design and UI architect for Rufus, Goran is helping to usher in a new paradigm for chatbots and online consumer interactions.

As one of the leading designers in Canada, Goran has been recognized with multiple awards from Canadian and International organizations, including the internationally recognized Norman Neilson award for best UI. Goran has also participated in corporate re-branding strategies for a variety of multi-national organizations.

Goran is a top graduate from Algonquin College’s Graphic Design Program in Ottawa.