We create industry specific language sets and then present the bots through a unique and compelling experience. Many people have used a Chatbot – but few have used an effective one. Our core product is a Chatbot named Rufus


By combining next generation AI technology with a unique Interface design, Rufus has the unique ability to engage, entertain, and close deals with prospective customers. Focusing primarily on the Automotive and Real Estate Development industries, Atomic X can also provide valuable consumer insights by utilizing its integrated conversation and behavior analytics.

Think of Rufus as a customer relationship manager that can chat with 1000 people at a time.

It will know every single aspect or detail about your product or service and deliver it’s messaging in a fun and extremely engaging manner. With custom language sets and purposeful personas, that match your brand and your target audience – Rufus will truly become your company’s new best friend

What are Language sets?

Language sets describe the fixed language questions and answers that reside within a custom, industry specific Chatbot - specifically, the vocabulary, style, and projected attitude of your words. Our hand-curated language sets are uniquely crafted to match your industry and target market. We work directly with you to ensure our language sets are aligned to your brand and company values. Customers don’t want to talk to a bot, they want to talk to you.