ChatBot integration and assessments

Whether using our proprietary Chatbot Rufus, implementing your own, or working with a third party – we can help. We’re uniquely positioned to advise on strategy and structural decisions that need to be made when implementing new Chatbot technology. Your customers are ready to talk, are you?


AI strategy assessment

Machine Learning algorithms are quickly becoming ubiquitous. We help you understand how AI will impact your business specifically – giving you the insight needed to stay ahead of the market. Whether it’s detecting fraud, or estimating the optimal time to re-engage a past customer: businesses everywhere are using AI to reduce costs and improve market positions. We take a consultative approach to help you stay relevant.

Data-readiness analysis and consulting

While machine learning holds much promise, many companies do not collect the data needed to train ML systems. A robust, well-designed data collection workflow is the critical first step before any AI methods are considered. We help companies set up the processes and systems needed to capitalize on power of neural networks.